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What some of our clients are saying…

“Megan brought an objective, insightful and candid perspective to our firm, encouraging organizational as well as personal communication and growth. She is exceptionally skilled in identifying critical issues and available alternatives for increased professional development and direction. On a personal level, her positive attitude and upbeat nature is contagious and inspiring. She is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her.”

Jerry Bromiel, Founder and Partner
Farrell & Bromiel, P.C.

“Megan Davis has been an integral part of our company’s strategic processes in growth and development for the past 10 years. She gave us the road map of how we needed to structure ourselves to move into a growth mode. Megan is a very gifted visionary who can see what the root cause of issues

might be, and help leaders dissect them very carefully. She has helped me on a personal level to see the gifts and talents I have and guided me to move forward in making both personal and professional enhancements in my life.”

Christine Hazen, Owner
Patio Pools &


“Megan is first amazingly skilled at quickly assessing the “whole” of the organization. Her abilities allow for greater efficiency dealing with the issue at hand versus spending hours briefing on the organization structure and issues of the industry. A refreshing experience from a typical consulting engagement. Additionally, on a micro level, Megan is able to bridge gaps of communication between critical parties and unblock the flow of the communication within the organization in a manner that is respectful, caring and creative. She’s great.”

Rosey Koberlein, CEO
Long Companies

“Working with Megan Davis has been one of the greatest aids – and delights – in my entrepreneurial life. She has the gift of careful listening and quickly synthesizing information. She then helps me outline both the issues and their solutions in such a way that makes me feel I solved the problem. As a result, each time I consult with Megan, I am empowered and ready to take the next step in my business. It’s a gift she graciously shares with everyone she works with.”

Berry Silverman, Founder and CEO
Berryware & BrightFunGifts.com

“Megan has the ability to sort through a multitude of information to accurately identify the key issues and provide clear focus on opportunities. She earns the confidence and loyalty of her clients.”

Jo Alenson, Owner
Media J

“Megan has an extraordinary ability to zero in on the issues and work with all parties towards a resolution. She often has to address sensitive topics which she handles with an uncanny strength and the ability to bring forth productive change. While working on the change, she keeps all parties’ eyes on the intent to evolve into something better.”

Nancy McClure, First Vice President
CB Richard Ellis, Brokerage Services

“As a new start-up, we knew we needed to create a strong foundation of leadership, teamwork, and values. Megan was able to immediately recognize the strengths within each team member and provide a space to be able to explore those strengths, and identify strategies to support and strengthen one another versus creating obstacles and conflicts. Through this process we were able to create a mission and vision that perfectly embodies each of our personal and professional values and now is reflected in our products and translating to our customers. We are grateful for her intuitive nature and professional expertise to inspire us to reach our potential and ultimate success.”

Melissa Nathan, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Blue Avocado

“Megan and The Davis Consulting Group were instrumental in providing a focused approach for my business. In today’s business climate, it’s easy to become distracted and Megan cuts through the clutter to keep you on target for growth!”

Diane Frisch, Founder and CEO
Frisch & Associates

“Our mid-size law firm retained The Davis Consulting group to assist a group of immensely talented people to improve the communication, interaction and ultimately the efficiency of our entire working group. We initially thought we were too busy to set aside a day or more of staff time to deal with something as basic as a “communications” retreat. In fact, it was an extraordinary and valuable use of our time with unanimous praise from senior partners to front line staff. Through a series of phone interviews in advance, Megan built a trust and rapport with the entire staff that transformed the office culture and massively improved our efficiency. She is worth her weight in gold and I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Mike Livingston, Senior Partner
Davis Levin Livingston Law Firm

“Megan worked with a non-profit Board I am a member of, grapple with issues surrounding “right-sizing” the organization to ensure financial viability. Her ability to lead discussion to frame the issues, allowed us to arrive at a series of options; in our case one of which lead to a decision to merge with a sister organization thus ensuring the continuation of our mission.

Megan’s consummate skill is to allow groups to explore a diversity of options but to continue movement towards resolution, rather than getting caught up in minutiae. Her facilitation style is both dynamic yet sensitive, so her process allows a diversity of thought and opinion to be shared, but where the key value is always forward movement. In our case, what could have been a process lasting many months (indeed years,) was effectively distilled into two Board meetings.”

Miles Green, School Psychologist
Amphitheater School District

“Megan brings a unique combination of charisma, compassion, intelligence, and strategic focus to her work. In my many years of work in the non-profit sector, I have yet to find someone as talented as Megan in the challenging job of helping teams work together effectively, identify strategic directions, or resolving conflict. Megan is a natural leader who was seemingly born to bring people together.”

Eric Schindler, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer
Child and Family Resources, Inc

“Megan Davis has been a priceless strategic asset over the past several years as we work to achieve our vision and become a high performance organization.”

Rick Simonetta, Former CEO
METRO Light Rail System

“Megan Davis brings a number of unique and rare qualities to her collaboration and facilitation that move work forward effectively and successfully. She has a personality that encourages colleagues to open up and share their concerns and aspirations, which Megan then works to accommodate. Megan also is able to simultaneously remain “above” the dialogue underway and sense the emotions and tensions in a room that can impede consensus and decision-making. Megan combines humor with a sense of purpose that helps colleagues stay focused and want to return to even the most challenging debates. When it’s needed, Megan is able to be direct, while being tactful and respectful, ensuring that all parties in the discussion are engaged and able to give voice to their perspectives. Megan helps ensure that projects succeed, which causes the organizations and teams with whom she works to return to her for guidance and leadership time and again.”

Bryan Howard, President
Planned Parenthood Arizona, Inc.

“Megan literally gave me permission to dream out loud – permission to be successful. For years, I had generated ideas that seemed to stagnate in my head or to become trapped on paper. But once Megan took the lead, I was not only able to expound on those concepts, but, with her guidance, I was able to legitimize them by taking action. On both a personal and a professional level, Megan exudes confidence. That rare certainty, then, is swiftly passed along to those in her immediate care. The result is a newfound poise that allows for both thorough consideration of the available opportunities and swift forward motion. She deftly absorbs her surroundings and translates the intricate minutiae of business into easily-digestible portions. The end result of my time with Megan is a one-hundred and eighty degree shift in the way I approach all my ventures.”

Jason Isenberg, Founder and CEO