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Re-Opening the World’s Workplaces: A Playbook

As we all begin to consider how to “re-open” our businesses, I invite you to review the attached Playbook brought to you courtesy of international real estate firm, CBRE and my good friend Nancy McClure who is one of their top executives.

This 55-page document “Reopening the Worlds Workplaces Playbook” is the next major deliverable in CBRE’s Reopening the World’s Workplaces initiative – It incorporates insights and expertise from colleagues across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, including experts in HSE, Facilities Management, Project Management, Space Enablement, Advisory, Legal, and more – and addresses three phases of the Reopening process:

  1. Planning for the return to the workplace
  2. Bringing employees back to work
  3. Ongoing workplace management and evolution

I hope you can take any applicable “plays” and use them to jump start your own “re-opening” plans for your businesses.

There is just no need to reinvent the proverbial “wheel”!

If we can help you navigate these challenging times, please give us a call or drop us a note.