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Organizational Values and Culture

  Can you, as a leader, say “yes” to these questions? If a new customer walked into your business today, would they be able to identify your corporate values? Do your employees know and implement your values every day at work? It may seem like knowing the company values should be obvious or inherent but,  read more »

Employee Engagement: A Key to Success

  While there are many keys to success in business, one of the most important is employee satisfaction. Without dedicated employees, who understand and support the organization’s mission, a business will fail. How, then, do you ensure that your employees are engaged at work? There are different aspects to the employee experience and while some  read more »

Innovation of New Work Models on Rogue Voice

I was honored to be a guest on the first Rogue Voice alongside John Bowling with Jessica Gomez and Tiffany Cooper. We discussed how work models will most likely change in response to COVID-19 and steps businesses can take now to help ensure a successful future. I hope you’ll watch and let me know your  read more »

Re-Opening the World’s Workplaces: A Playbook

As we all begin to consider how to “re-open” our businesses, I invite you to review the attached Playbook brought to you courtesy of international real estate firm, CBRE and my good friend Nancy McClure who is one of their top executives. This 55-page document “Reopening the Worlds Workplaces Playbook” is the next major deliverable in  read more »

Strategic Focus During a Crisis

These are challenging and uncertain times. Business owners are in the midst of a major transition. What business owners are going through today with COVID-19 is very different from the gradual recession of 2008 and 2009. Today’s pandemic has caused a drastic and immediate impact for a large percentage of businesses. Business owners need to  read more »

Leveraging the Change in Your Work Structure in Response to COVID-19

Business challenges present opportunities to approach past practices and processes in a new way. We know that the essence of change is fundamentally the transformation from one state of being to another. A crisis, like Covid-19, can impact how, when, and where you and your employees operate as well as how your company can continue to meet  read more »

How Team Dysfunction Can Signal Tremendous Success

A business succeeds when its leadership works as a team. However, when office politics, varying agendas, unclear goals and bad behaviors go unaddressed, the business will inevitably stagnate or decline in the results it achieves because of the unproductive environment.  By recognizing and addressing five common conditions found in dysfunctional teams, identified by Patrick Lenconi  read more »

How to Work On Your Business, Not Just In It

When you started your company, you imagined the day when business would be booming, current clients would be sending consistent work and maintaining regular income wouldn’t be a struggle. For many business owners and managers, that time has arrived. You are busier than ever trying to finish projects, meet deadlines and continue to deliver the  read more »


Megan Davis Lightman: She chose to stand up and lead Inside Tucson Business When she was 12 years old, Megan Davis Lightman says she had a big decision to make: “Do I stand up and educate people? Or do I sort of hide in the background? And my choice, with the support of my family,  read more »


Strategic Plan Must Drive Organizational Culture CORP! What makes an organization a great place to work, motivates employees and decreases turnover? The best run organizations are inevitably those with a clear sense of mission and goals that are shared by everyone from the C-Suite to the mailroom. READ MORE