Davis Consulting Group

Leading Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation requires a commitment to change, a genuine desire to produce an improved value proposition that couples the best of the past with new shared values, a definitive clear direction, and an inspiring vision. These factors, with the right leadership, translate into new energy, increased productivity, improved profitability and an enhanced return on investment of dollars and time. Leading that kind of transformation is what Megan Davis Lightman does best.

An experienced organizational development consultant who works across a variety of industries, Lightman is an expert in managing the complex components of organizational change—elements such as strategic planning, management and leadership development, governance and decision-making, business communication, conflict resolution, team development, and executive coaching. But she is best known for the innovative techniques and processes she uses to move companies toward their desired interim and end results to achieve true transformation.

Lightman’s perspective and experiences allow her to quickly and accurately diagnose organizational challenges, create solutions for those challenges and institute healthy processes to ensure future success. Assisting her, as the need arises, is a cadre of subject matter experts in complimentary business disciplines, a team that she has carefully assembled since founding The Davis Consulting Group over 20 years ago.

In most circumstances, Lightman works with Boards of Directors and CEOs to create a new vision and mission, and with CEOs and Leadership Teams to define values and develop a strategic plan, which incorporates the latest measurement, assessment and evaluation tools. Because employees, investors, and shareholders are more likely to support what they help to create, Lightman also employs a culturally aligned and authentic process to invite as much participation as possible from this stakeholder base.

Lightman has worked with success in a range of business settings−universities, conservation agencies, legal services, healthcare, government, not-for-profit organizations, and real estate−and her assignments have been equally as diverse. For example, she most recently facilitated the merger of a physician-managed community hospital with an academic hospital system, leading the process to create a new vision through identifying a shared mission and values and strategic planning through tactical implementation. In a separate engagement, her leadership was essential in achieving exponential synergy for five smaller affiliates of a national not-for-profit health-related organization by managing their consolidation into a single more effective statewide affiliate, implementing a new board structure and managing complex governance and bylaw technicalities. And, in another project, she helped an environmental group with outposts in several states and Mexico to create a unified culture, develop a succession plan and manage leadership transition.