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Leading Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation requires a commitment to change, a genuine desire to produce an improved value proposition that couples the best of the past with new shared values, a definitive clear direction, and an inspiring vision. These factors, with the right leadership, translate into new energy, increased productivity, improved profitability and an enhanced return on investment of dollars and time. Leading that kind of transformation is what Megan Davis Lightman does best.

An experienced organizational development consultant who works across a variety of industries, Lightman is an expert in managing the complex components of organizational change—elements such as strategic planning, management and leadership development, governance and decision-making, business communication, conflict resolution, team development, and executive coaching. But she is best known for the innovative techniques and processes she uses to move companies toward their desired interim and end results to achieve true transformation.


“Working with Megan was an extraordinary and valuable use of our time with unanimous praise from senior partners to front line staff. Megan built a trust and rapport with the entire staff that transformed the office culture and massively improved our efficiency. She is worth her weight in gold and I would use her again in a heartbeat.”

Mike Livingston, Senior Partner
Davis Levin Livingston Law Firm


“Megan brings a unique combination of charisma, compassion, intelligence, and strategic focus to her work.  I have yet to find someone as talented as Megan in the challenging job of helping teams work together effectively, identify strategic directions, or resolving conflict. Megan is a natural leader who was seemingly born to bring people together.”

Eric Schindler, Ph.D.,
President and Chief Executive Officer Child
and Family Resources, Inc