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The Davis Consulting Group combines strategic perspective with practical experience to create solutions that work.

Experienced in industries including entrepreneurial and emerging growth start ups, transit, professional services, telecommunications, computer software, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing, we combine strategic perspective with practical experience to create solutions that work.


The Challenge

This national law firm hired The Davis Consulting Group because, over time, poor communication patterns fostered mistrust and false perceptions among colleagues. The situation escalated to the point that the work environment was adversely impacted and it was becoming difficult to achieve the company's goals.

The Davis Consulting Group Solution

Often, straight talk is required to clarify misconceptions, heal wounds and set the stage for future success. Megan didn't pull any punches in her meetings with staff, but she created a "safe place" in which people could openly discuss their feelings and experiences and begin to rebuild the trust that had been lost.

The Result

The office was literally transformed! A huge shift in the company's culture resulted with renewed energy for the tasks at hand, an appetite for cooperation at all levels and a massive improvement in overall efficiency. Twenty-four months later, the office is still humming and the good will is palpable.

"Our mid-sized law firm retained The Davis Consulting Group to assist a group of immensely talented people to improve the communication, interaction and ultimately the efficiency of our entire working group.

We initially thought we were too busy to set aside a day or more of staff time to deal with something as basic as a "communications" retreat. In fact, it was an extraordinary and valuable use of our time with unanimous praise from senior partners to front line staff. Through a series of phone interviews in advance, Megan built a trust and rapport with the entire staff that transformed the office culture and massively improved our efficiency. She is worth her weight in gold and I would use her again in a heart beat."

Mike Livingston
Senior Partner
Davis Levin Livingston
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