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About Davis Consulting Group

Facing Growth and Organizational Challenges

The Davis Consulting Group, Inc. is an organizational development consulting firm that provides leadership, strategic growth and operational consulting services to CEOs and companies facing challenges in the areas of organizational change, leadership development, strategic growth, organizational communications, strategic planning and conflict resolution.

Our clients include Fortune 500-1000 companies, privately held companies, entrepreneurial start ups, as well as national foundations and community organizations.

We believe companies facing constant change, growth and organizational challenges can address issues in two ways:

1. Allow the change to happen to them and react to the impact, or

2. Actively anticipate and guide the impact of the changes that affect the company, its employees and its processes.

Our Approach to Organizational Change

1. Strategic Planning
When an organization knows generally what they want to accomplish, we work with them to identify the specifics, create definitions and generate a plan of action to achieve its goals.

2. Leadership Development
We provide consultation to the company's leadership to explore and develop new strategic thought processes. We also work with leadership teams to develop the growth strategy for the organization and identify ways to expand and achieve the company's vision. We provide appropriate and effective management and leadership skills development that helps build effective teams and staff.

3. Culture Integration
Some of the greatest challenges organizations face are the result of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and roll-ups. We are experts at evaluating employee readiness and organizational processes for change. We provide implementation strategies that ensure clarity and achievement of the new, desired organizational culture.

Under Megan Davis Lightman's leadership, The Davis Consulting Group works closely with the country's leading organizational development practitioners to execute simultaneous large scale organization implementation strategies.

About Megan Davis

Megan Davis Lightman

Megan DavisFor more than 20 years, Megan has worked  to  meet the needs of growing and changing businesses.

An experienced and professionally committed organizational development consultant, Megan advises clients in areas including: Mission, Vision and Values Creation; CEO Partnership and Strategic Planning; Leadership Development; Organizational Communication Strategies; Conflict Resolution; and the Innovation of Enduring Solutions.

Through her consulting assignments, Megan has had an opportinty to work with the boards of large and small companies in both the for-profit and not for-profit sectors.  Her services run the gamut from creating the board's agenda to reveiwing the performance of the company and participating in the decision making progress in order to enhance the organization's performance.

After assisting national organizations headquartered in Washington D.C. to develop internal and external communication strategies, she moved to Chicago to found The Davis Consulting Group.

In 2008, Megan was named one of Tucson's 10 Most Influential Women by Inside Tucson Business.  She was also recognized by as one of Tucson's 40 Under 40 top business and community leaders.  Megan holds a Master's degree in Organizational Development from Loyola University Chicago and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Tulane University.

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